The Momo Scare

iPhone. Photo by Math.
iPhone. Photo by Math.

One evening, Danielle, with her playmate, came running down the stairs. Apparently, they saw Momo on YouTube. Trembling and terrified, they uttered to never use “Momo’s phone” ever again, which made this mommy happy. Yey! No gadgets for the little girl anymore. But tonight, on a somewhat rainy and silent night, our conversation went on like this.

Dana:So mommy, won’t Momo show up on your phone?

Me:No, because Momo only shows up when kids hold the cellphone.

Dana:How does she know, mommy?

Me:Well, because the hackers can see you through the camera.

Dana:But I won’t see Momo anymore, right, mommy?

Me:Yes, because you won’t use cellphone anymore.

Dana: Nooooo! Next time I’ll just wear a mask of your face, then just cut holes for my eyes, but not my mouth. So Momo will think it’s just you.

Hahaha! Good strategy, baby. Good strategy.