There are stories hidden in the heart of a parent. Stories hidden, unspoken, untold…

Life lessons are best learned when shared. So here at Parenting Rock, we are giving our dear parents an opportunity to share their story or let their story be told.

There are two ways to share your story. First option is by telling us your story then we’ll be writing about it; second is by writing an article and submitting it to us.

Option 1: Let your story be told

If love for writing doesn’t run through your veins, we would be glad to take over and tell your story to the world. Simply fill out the form below and give us an overview about the topic you would like us to share. . Then we will get in touch with you once your story is selected.

Option 2: Submit your article to us

For you, writing is never hard. For you, words are like streams of water flowing through your thoughts down to your fingertips. If this is you, we got a space for you here at Parenting Rock! If writing is something you love to do, we’d like to hear from you.

The following are your options for as long as it’s related to parenting or concerns of parents:

  1. You may write a story about your personal experience as a parent.
  2. You may also share a set of bulleted parenting tips supported by reference from books, research or authors.
  3. You may choose to expound a parenting advice by relating it to your own experience or somebody else’s experience.
  4. You may initiate to spread awareness about a certain danger or effectivity of a particular thing, idea, lifestyle or behavior.
  5. Otherwise, if you know someone or something you could feature and write about so long as it’s related to the concerns of a parent, we encourage you to do so.
  6. Finally, if you are into cooking, baking, crafts or DIY, you may send us your finished product and tell us how you did it with your step-by-step instruction. You may send this to us in a form of an article or a video.
In exchange…

What we can give in return is your exposure and promotion. If you have a business, a product, a service, a cause or an idea that you wish to promote, we can mention it as a footnote on your article. We may also include your website, contact information, and social media accounts according to your preference.


To make things organized, below are the guidelines that must be observed when submitting an article:

  1. The article must be original and was never published before.
  2. The article must contain personal stories or anecdotes, which parents can relate to.
  3. The article must be free or at least minimal of grammatical errors.
  4. The article must be well-organized and readable.
  5. The article may contain practical values, tips or advice.
  6. When the article is intended to give advice, the article must mention of any references from books, research, authors, psychologists, teachers, or other authorities to support the advice given.
  7. The article may be written as part of a series which intention is to drive the readers for more.

If you have a strong preference about which writing tool to use (GoogleDocs, Markdown, Dropbox Paper, whatever), please feel free to use any of those and simply share it to us.

Ready to submit your article?

Don’t just sit there. Reach out to us and let’s make things happen. Please fill out the form below: