House Rule

Chantry, 5 years old, showing a plate and utensils.
Chantry, 5 years old, showing a plate and utensils.

Here’s one of the house rules I’ve implemented: Bring your own plate and utensils to the kitchen after finishing your meal. Chantry got up from her seat and approached me, “Momma, why did you not bring your own plate to the kitchen?”

Cherin Hale was still not done with her food, while Poppa was lying on a yellow upholstered couch watching a tutorial about painting after finishing his meal.

Startled by what Chantry just said, I chuckled with a reply, “Oh, did I not? Ok, I’m gonna bring my plate to the kitchen.” I said this as I put away the book I was reading, got out of my comfortable chair, and picked up my own plate. As I headed toward the kitchen, I pleaded aloud sweetly to Chantry, “I thought you love me? I thought you’d take care of my own plate after I eat?” This was never really part of the rule, but was thinking about how I could get away from my mistake.

Hale said aloud as I was walking away, “I’m gonna take care of your plate, Momma. Please return your plate here.”

I came back from the kitchen, tittering at myself about what had just happened. Chantry looked at me and did not say a word. There was a silly grin on her face. So, I thought to myself, Oh, Chantry, my Chantry. You pretty much know how to astonish me!