The Flower Story

Chantry, 4 years old, standing beside the flower store.
Chantry, 4 years old, standing beside the flower store. ©

We were at the mall when Chantry saw a store of flowers nearby. Turning to me she said, “Momma, I’m gonna get you flowers.” She hurried toward the rows of flowers and asked, “Which one do you like, Momma? This, this or this?” She was touching each flower while glancing at me.

So, I challenged, “Do you have money?” She was caught off guard not knowing what to say. I continued, “You need money to buy me these.”

She looked up at me and said, “Can you give me money, Momma, then I’ll buy these for you.”


I narrated this flower story to her grandmother. The following day when we were all in our car, her grandmother asked her whether she was able to get me flowers. With a sad look on her face she mumbled “no.”

“Why?” Her grandmother followed up.

“I couldn’t get flowers for Momma because I’ve had no money.”

After a few minutes, she gleefully collected the coins scattered in our car and and put each one inside her bag. She said she’s saving money so that she can eventually buy me flowers. Right now, she only got P5.00 but she’s determined and confident that soon she’ll be able to buy me flowers — and I will help her! I am excited to receive flowers coming from an innocent child who, as of the moment, only holds five one-peso coins. Let’s see how she’ll do it.

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