Becoming Canadian Permanent Residents and What It Means to Us

Becoming Canadian Permanent Residents
Becoming Canadian Permanent Residents

Parenting Rock has a new home!

Two weeks ago, we received the best news so far in the last two years of our stay in Canada.  It wasn’t the approval of extending my husband’s Work Permit or my daughters’ Study Permit. It’s not completing my Post Degree studies.  It’s not getting a full-time job.  Two weeks ago, we received our Confirmation of Permanent Residency status as a family in Canada!  

Becoming Permanent Residents in Canada means the following: 

  • More freedom to live, study, and work in Canada.
  • Access to universal health care without cost.
  • Right to sponsor our parents, and extended family members.
  • Free language classes.
  • Maternity leave to a mother, like me.
  • Application to citizenship after three years in Canada as permanent residents.
  • PR Cards give more freedom to travel.

We realize that Parenting Rock is called to influence Christian families around the world.  As every website gains accessibility, so should we be more aggressive and intentional in our desire to share and realize our role as parents to the younger generation.

With this permanent residency, we can change or amplify the future trajectory of Parenting Rock.  We are excited to share this news and to continue once again writing and sharing stories.  To God be all the glory!